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'Nofio' Exhibition at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

"Swimming involves getting wet. While artists use paint to express the sensation of jumping in, feeling the rush of cold water and the thrill of the watery colours, wild swimmers photograph that underwater world as they take a dip in icy lakes and seas. Add to that, a new range of sculptured swimsuits and some mermaids and it becomes an intriguing mix."

Aberystwyth Arts Centre presents its new Summer exhibition, Swimming. In Gallery 2 contemporary artists display work that responds to experiences of swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans and man-made pools. 

I took the last few days ‘off grid’, having a bit of (old builders) van life and headed off to some other hills for a change... stopping in to check out my prints and films in the ‘Nofio/Swimming’ exhibition Aberystwyth Arts Centre on til 26th of this month!


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