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Lost Words in Water

I think like everyone right now, I’m struggling a bit. The waves of emotion are overwhelming and come at times you least expect; who knew not being able to buy teabags would see my need to offload to two kind folk stacking shelves, who were willing to listen! It’s brought out the very best in humanity and the true ugliness of others, but one thing is for sure we are all in this together.

I have always used April as a month for resetting creativity via swimming, starting many years ago in form of#30daysofswimmingas someone who can never do the same thing twice, it’s changed over the years, been followed by the media, ended up of TV, and even turned into a little book! This year, however, there is no swimming to be had, I feel a bit lost out the water. I am lucky enough to have a stream in my garden which is a sanctuary, just knowing it leads to the sea a short distance away makes me feel like I am on a journey with it. So here’s to April, to the next 30 days, to good news every day, to being one day closer to the end with each day that passes and who knows what creativity will flow...


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