24th August 2021 | Snowdon Ranger Car Park


A one to one guided swim in the mountains of Snowdonia.
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24th August 2021
Snowdon Ranger Car Park, A4085, Rhyd-Ddu, Caernarfon LL54 7YS, UK


This is a special day in the hills, tailored to you. Maybe you have a longed-for lake, to bathe in a tiny river pool, take an icy winter dip, a long summer swim or just want to share some of my favourite lakes.

The day is one-to-one at a date that is convenient for you, we can discuss what you would like to experience before you arrive and enjoy a relaxed day of conversations, fresh air and searching for that constantly craved swim euphoria. 

Multiple swims are always an option on these days, the weather will, however, be the deciding factor on where we go. 

"I care little for distance, times and temperatures, swimming for me feeds my creativity and these days are an opportunity to share discussion, the mountains and the sheer joy of swimming outside. You are free to take from the day what you wish and encouraged to bring your notebooks, sketchbooks, cameras, sound recorders.. after all, mountains aren't just for climbing!"

These days make a great gift... I mean who wouldn't want the gift of kicking back in the middle of a mountain lake?

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