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The photographs I take are snatched glances into the mundane, snippets of everyday life that form my visual references. I take delight in the way my work can wrap me up in the warm nostalgia of the past, absorb me in the atmosphere, movement and sounds of the present and yet leave me emotionally desolate, wondering about the future...

Graduating with a Fine Arts degree over twenty years ago, my work has been centred around photography for many years. I experiment with a combination of homemade, vintage, toy and digital cameras, exploring their creative possibilities, often modifying their parts and adjusting their inner workings. Sometimes adopting the analogue and digital worlds to work simultaneously.

I spilt my time between my home in sunny Snowdonia and with my family in the New Forest where I grew up, have an absolute obsession with cold water swimming, exploring forgotten places and travelling as much as possible!



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