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Ice Mile Support

Because I have a geeky interest in how the body reacts to cold water I travelled to Doncaster to support some incredible swimmers this morning on their quest to become ‘ice milers’. For those of you who aren’t aware what an Ice Mile is, it’s swimming one mile in water that is 5°C or less wearing nothing but a traditional swimsuit/trunks, a swim cap and goggles.

Easy?! Yeah right!

The first hurdle is dealing with the disappointment of the water not quite being cold enough, at 5.8°C it was cold but not cold enough to count. But these amazing folk went for it anyway... huge thanks to the fantastic team at Swimyourswim for sharing their knowledge and experience with me, it was invaluable!

If you are considering an ice mile, I would definitely recommend you contact Swim your swim who run various preparation, qualification and actual ice mile swims throughout the winter/


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