documentary 2016

Inspired by my passion for both swimming and my creativity I was approached by directors Jack Webber and Tomasso Di Paola to feature in a short documentary about how the two have become one and the same. 

"Beautiful cinematography, this film really evokes a sense of isolation which by the end of the film you learn is what the protagonist is yearning for. A very watchable and inspiring short that flies in the face of many adventure films which focus on quantifiable achievements, instead, Afterglow is about authenticity and creativity and how a passion becomes a lifestyle. Watch for a poetic glimpse at photography, form and outdoor swimming – despite the snowy vistas this film leaves you with a warm feeling inside.

Zena Toscani - judge Sheffield Film Festival 2017


A film by - Tommaso Di Paola and Jack Webber

Featuring - Vivienne Rickman

Sound Design - Josh Bruty | Second Camera - Gabriel Hutchinson | Music by Pangolin | Drone - Mighty Sky Films | Boat Driver - Pete Cooper

Winner of 'Best Short Film 2018 Award' at Four Season Film Festival, London

Winner of 'Best Women in Adventure Film Gold Award' at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival 2017

Selected for Patagonia Film Festival, Santa Monica 2019

Selected for Cervino Cino Mountain Film Festival, Italy 2017

Selected for Llanberis Mountain Film Festival 2016

Selected for Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2016

Featured in The Guardian, The Financial Times, Der Spiegel, Fubiz, Channel 4


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